Your Applicant Failed Their Background Check, Now What?

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Your Applicant Failed Their Background Check, Now What?

So you found a candidate that fits the job description, and its qualifications. All you have left to do is wait for your candidates background check, then you can move forward with the hiring process. However, upon receiving the background check you come to find out that your candid has a bit of a history. Should this candidate get an automatic dismissal? What are some of the considerations you might want to think about for this particular situation?

Factoring in the seriousness of the offense or conduct is a good starting point before automatically dismissing the candidate. Consider the nature of the offense and how this could effect your business environment. Certain misdemeanors, depending on the type of wrongdoing, may be less severe than a particular felony conviction. A felony is generally categorized into violent and non-violent crimes. Felonies will have a degree ranking, by a letter or number, and that ranking will determine the seriousness of the crime.

You might want to also look at the date that the listed offense actually occurred. Clearly, any recent incidents will help you make your determination. It is important to distinguish ample relation between the fundamental job functions and the offense. Employers should always consider these factors before making an employment hiring decision.

Further information can be found on the EEOC website.

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