Welcome Aboard Joel Suurmeyer

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Welcome Aboard Joel Suurmeyer

joel02 Sarma is pleased to welcome back Joel Suurmeyer. Joel graduated Summa Cum Laude from Sam Houston State University in 2004, with a BBA in Business Administration, and a minor in Finance. Joel has taken additional licensing and continuing education classes to stay current on the dynamic mortgage industry. Joel has been involved in different aspects of the mortgage industry since 2002, when he first obtained his Texas Loan Officer license and originated loans for a Houston area mortgage broker. Over the last twelve years, Joel has originated loans for small family-owned brokers, and for large national banks. Joel also spent a few years as an account executive for two wholesale mortgage companies. Joel first joined SARMA in 2009. Joel enjoys being a knowledgable product expert. He prides himself as a problem-solver who can help get a mortgage loan closed.

Joel current lives in Spring, a suburb of Houston. Joel and his wife have a young son and a spoiled dog. Joel enjoys playing and watching sports, reading, spending time with family, friends, and serving in his local church.

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