Sarma Background Screening 101

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Sarma Background Screening 101

As your screening provider, we want to supply you with more processing tips and keep you informed of the requirements beyond your office. Today, we have provided some tips for processing in our system and very important background screening forms. We hope this will make your ordering experience easier and more efficient. Our customer service [...]

Fending Off Terrible Tenants

Those of you who are investors or landlords—and those of you who advise those professions—have heard the horror stories. Yes, I am talking about those tenants who make your life miserable and can make your rental go from a money-maker to a money-loser. The real estate industry has named those perennial bad tenants as “professional […]

Sarma Now Offering ScreenMeNow Tool for Background Screening

Background screening is becoming an essential process when qualifying potential employees or tenants. In the past, the screening process was a challenge for most companies and properties due to the amount of the time and money spent conducting background checks. When applicants do not pass a background check, the company requesting the information is left […]