Social Security Number Search – SSN Verification

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Social Security Number Search – SSN Verification

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The first step in all background screening is based on validating the identity of the applicant. A Social Security Number Search product is based on name and Social Security Number match against public record and commercially available databases. The social security number search validates the SSN, providing the state of issuance and the year issued, affirming if the social security number is a valid number with the Social Security Administration. The social security number search lists the subject’s Name(s) and addresses associated with the social security number input, the county of residence and age of applicant may also be returned. This information is not from the Social Security Administration since it is illegal to use the Social Security Administration for a pre-employment background check. The social security number search uses a commercial database with over 800 separate companies supplying information.

[block id="878"]The social security number search is a locator index that may be used exclusively to identify potential previous names and addresses the applicant may have used and to obtain the applicant's date of birth and verify the applicant's Social Security Number. The results of a search shall not be used directly for the purpose of making employment decisions. However, the results may be used to broaden the scope of pre-employment background checks to include additional jurisdictions and names beyond those that the applicant disclosed and to narrow the background check by including the applicant's date of birth in those cases where this information is not obtained from the applicant. Search is based on SSN and Name.

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