Sarma Now Offering ScreenMeNow Tool for Background Screening

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Sarma Now Offering ScreenMeNow Tool for Background Screening

Background screening is becoming an essential process when qualifying potential employees or tenants. In the past, the screening process was a challenge for most companies and properties due to the amount of the time and money spent conducting background checks. When applicants do not pass a background check, the company requesting the information is left with that expense. Sarma now offers an information retrieval network called ScreenMeNow, which enables companies and applicants access to public information through a customized portal tailored to a clients needs. The portal allows the applicant to enter data and purchase their background information. Customers chose the package they would like to obtain, and enter their credit card information for purchase. Finally, an electronic signature is required when submitting their data in the portal. Companies then receive the applicant’s data through ScreenMeNow’s applicant tracking feature that gives them the ability to pull information for profiles that have been submitted. The functionality of ScreenMeNow increases operating efficiencies for companies and customers by eliminating redundant data entry and cost.

Providing your customers with ScreenMeNow is a fast, efficient method for conducting background checks.

Contact Sarma’s Client Service department at 1-800-955-5238 to sign up or receive more information. 

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