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Sarma Data Systems

office-staff01The possibilities are endless to access key information on your clients or potential clients. Sarma has a wide array of reports and tools to help you access data for locating and qualifying consumers.

Find who you are looking for...faster.

Our skip tracing platform allows for access to dozens of products all in one online interface. Our application integration allows you to make one application to attain multiple products on a single consumer without reentering the information again. Run one report or dozens in one application. Our system also allows you to save your results, so that you can go back and review them at any time.

Who uses SDS? Finance companies. Banks. Credit Unions. Property managers. Collection agencies. Private investigators. More.

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You can access all the tools you need to skip trace, qualify borrowers and more through Sarma Data Systems (SDS). An Internet based system, SDS allows auto dealers, finance companies, small businesses and more to get the fullest use of their qualification processes. Eliminate manual or dial up based systems and start working with our unique and full fledged offering at reasonable cost.

Pull credit, thin files, verifications and more from a single platform.

In addition to the online interface available 24/7, most products can be integrated into your internal system through an XML interface. If you already have internal application tracking, this fast and easy integration can be the key to your next step in verifications.

Featured Products

  • Bankruptcy Reports
  • FICO Expansion Score
  • NADA Vehicle Pricing Report
  • Automated Decisioning Solutions
  • Bank and Debtor Locator Report
  • Collections Credit Report
  • Drivers License Verifier
  • ID Authenticate
  • MicroMerge 3-In-1 Merged Credit Report
  • MVR Records Report
  • OFAC Patriot Act Search
  • People Search

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