Sarma Background Screening 101

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Sarma Background Screening 101

As your screening provider, we want to supply you with more processing tips and keep you informed of the requirements beyond your office. Today, we have provided some tips for processing in our system and very important background screening forms. We hope this will make your ordering experience easier and more efficient. Our customer service team is available to help by live walk-throughs Monday through Thursday between 7 AM and 7 PM (CST). However, you can keep your own Sarma User Guide and State Guidelines handy while awaiting or reviewing a newly completed report.

Like you, every applicant or consumer, should be given the opportunity to know they are undergoing a background screening, what it entails, and understand their rights to the report and/or its information. So, we have included the FCRA Consumer Rights form. Please feel free to share this freely with your screening candidates.

Whenever you deny an applicant based on the background related info, you must provide them with a notice of legitimate reason. We also would like you to have access to what a proper pre-adverse and adverse letter looks like. The pre-adverse allows access to their info and the opportunity to acknowledge or correct negative information reported within 10-days. The adverse is a basic declination letter used when you have made your final decision about a candidate. We have posted Sarma branded Pre-Adverse Letter and Adverse Letter samples you may use when scribing your own specific for your company.

Everchanging laws and state guidelines, can make it difficult to establish routine checks in a in a timely manner. This year we wish to keep you more informed and abreast to news and trends that will keep you compliant in your background screening efforts and help us complete reports faster and more accurately. Please feel free to give us a call at 800.955.5238 ext. 2000 if you would like additional insight on any of the information shared or have interest in automating the distribution of these notices through our platforms.

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