Heartbleed Service Review

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Heartbleed Service Review

Sarma is reviewing each of our service offerings and will be releasing emails to points of contact as services are cleared. If a service has an issue, we will also include information about any affect this has on your access and what your steps should be.

In all cases, Heartbleed does require you to change passwords in your day to day activities. Heartbleed affects the memory related to transactions, so information in memory can be compromised. This means that changing your access information to key areas is critical.

If you are not listed as the main contact on your account or this information has changed, get with your account contact or email customerservice@www.betasarma.com.php56-3.ord1-1.websitetestlink.com

Matthew Carpenter

Matthew is the resident expert in technology and credit integration. He guides clients through the challenges of security, credit and implementation strategy to ensure success in all business lines. Watch his articles and Twitter feed that covers all things data and security related.

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